A web design serves as one of the most crucial selling tools for your business, providing a platform to display your products and services. While the concept is great, getting started can be challenging, with questions about where to begin, what information to include, and the overwhelming nature of technical terminology.

When working with us, you do not have to worry about these complexities! We employ a friendly, step-by-step approach to understand your business needs and translate visual ideas into your very own bespoke website. We focus on the business brand, customer journey, and target audience.

We collaborate with you not only in the consultation stage but at regular check-in points throughout the entire process to ensure that you feel comfortable and happy with what we are creating and that it stays true to your vision, while also benefiting from our professional expertise.

What's included?
Website Design






After submitting an inquiry form, we will schedule a one-to-one session with one of our team members to discuss your needs, vision, and requirements.


We will conduct thorough research and develop a proposal tailored to your consultation. Upon presentation of your personalized proposals, if you choose to proceed, confirmation is required through a 50% deposit payment.


The initial step in crafting your website involves wireframing. We will develop a wireframe to strategically outline the structure and user flow of your website.


In the design stage, we will embark on creating your brand and image, whether linked to your existing brand or establishing a new one. This process will be collaborative, involving decisions on vibrant color themes, text fonts, and more.


With the website structure and functionality now in place, we will commence populating it with the content you have provided, bringing the website to life.


One of the final phases involves ensuring the website flows with the utmost efficiency. We conduct a series of test runs and provide you with access to explore the site, allowing you to note any changes needed.


Your website is now complete to your satisfaction and ready to go. Once the remaining 50% of the outstanding balance is paid, we will hand over control of your website to you.


What happens next?

After the completion of your website, we provide a rolling monthly service for maintenance, updates, and ongoing SEO work. This cost-effective approach aims to reduce ad hoc hourly-rate work and serves as a preventive measure rather than a reactive solution to potential issues.

This can include but not limited to the following

  • Website modifications and edits, including the addition of new pages.
  • Design changes, logo updates, and developmental adjustments, including ad hoc graphic work.
  • Dedicated SEO services.
  • 24/7 technical support and issue resolution.
  • Regular website maintenance and update requirements.
  • Consultation and advise and training
  • Security website monitoring


As part of our service, we aid in setting up your hosting, an essential element to launch your website onto the internet for public visibility. This entails configuring your business emails and integrating them with your hosting.

We handle all aspects, including setup your business emails on your computers, mobile devices, and on any other desired platforms.

Additionally, we regularly monitor your hosting platform and maintain consistent communication with the server company where your hosting is stored.

Interested in discussing a project with us?

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